Cloth Diapering 102

Here’s round two of the basics of cloth diapering!

Leave a comment about anything you have questions about.


How we wash our diapers:

When Eby was exclusively breastfed, the routine was simple.  We would throw her soiled diaper into our Planet Wise  wet/dry bag.  Every other day we would throw the dirty diapers in the washer with the bag (empty it out) and run a rinse cycle.  After the rinse cycle, we added nellie’s washing soda and ran a hot wash with a cold rinse and an extra rinse.  Then we threw everything in the dryer (I suggest low heat if you are putting a wet bag in, or let the bag air dry inside or outside).

When solids are introduced, you have to think about how you will remove the poop before throwing the diapers in the wash.  Some use flushable liners, and some use a diaper sprayer.  We have a diaper sprayer I use on occasion, but for the most part I prefer to take toilet paper and wipe the poo into the toilet.  I can just throw the toilet paper in the toilet and its something we already have on hand.  Someday I’d like to try the liners.  If you don’t remove the solids, they will remain in your washer.

A helpful detergent chart:

Some people use soap nuts.  I have yet to try them.   I just bought some to try on our regular laundry first.  I’ll let you know if we ever try them on our diapers.

Wet/Dry Bag:

Diaper Sprayer:


Nellies Washing Soda:″>

As for diaper changes:

We love this spray by California Baby:

And we use these wipes:

They are also great for when little ones have colds!

At night we add a stay dry liner by bum genius to our freetime diapers, and that seems to be working.  We have a sustainably babyish fitted diaper we use with a flip cover on occasion, and that works too.  Our daughter is only one, so only time will tell if these methods will continue to work.

Any stains that develop can be taken care of by hanging in the sun.  The sun naturally bleaches and disinfects.

What other things do you want to know about cloth diapering?



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