GAPS intro is harder then I anticipated.

From someone who was already grain free, starch free, and unrefined sugar free, GAPS intro is still hard!  Grant it I likely had a lot of bad bacteria and yeast issues from years of antibiotics, etc; so my body is responding to the diet. (The lack of sugars, starches, and carbs are allowing the bad bacteria and yeast to die off.)

I took a whole capsule of bio kult probiotic this morning two or so hours before waking up for the day.  This was too much or too far away from taking food because the next time I got up, I could barely stand.  I literally crawled to the kitchen and made myself some carrot juice for instant fuel, took some fermented cod liver oil, and heated up some broth with some eggs.  Slightly improved but still weak, I stayed in bed all morning while my husband and little girl went to church.  At some point I tried getting up again and still had issues, so I went to the kitchen to grab ghee and honey.  I mixed them up and my body really enjoyed it, to the point I may have eaten too much.  I think my blood sugar was low and when I went to get up it felt like my blood pressure was low.  So, after another hour or so in bed, I tried getting up again. This time I felt so much better.  I made myself some lunch ( had a chicken boiling in the crock pot) and introduced some sauerkraut .  I skipped some parts of previous stages due to how I was feeling and my body was craving something new.  Mmmm. The combo of chicken and kraut was delicious.  While I had the energy, I decided to make some nut butter for another day.  I had a smidgen just to taste it.

I underestimated how low energy and sick feeling I would feel at times.  These are all cues to back off a little bit or eat something your body needs at the time. The gut and brain are so connected that I’m even having issues coping with things and being emotionally on edge.

I may end up going through intro a little faster now, or I may be content in the remaining stages due to the added variety of eggs, nut butter, fermented foods, etc.  for the most part I am on stage three, minus the carrot juice from this morning.

Im thankful to have a husband who is helping out today by taking care of Eby.


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