Walnut Milk




Since I am sensitive to dairy, and my daughter is sensitive to almonds, I have started making my own walnut milk!

Its so easy to make, anyone can do it.  I take one cup walnuts and soak them in water with some salt for 8 hours.  You can put it in the fridge or on the counter.

After 8 hours, rinse the walnuts well.  Then place them in a blender with 5 cups water.  Blend for several minutes.

Let it sit for a few minutes and skim the bubbles (foam) off the top.  Use a nut bag, cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer to filter out the nut pulp from the milk.

Save the pulp to make something else.

Sometimes I add honey for taste, but most of the time I drink it plain.

The process is the same for making almond milk too.  If all the mystery ingredients scare you in the store bought stuff, I highly recommend making your own.

You can make milk from almost anything.  Cashews only need to soak for 6 hours.

I use walnut milk to make lattes, smoothies, anything you’d use regular milk for.



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