The Beginning Story

Welcome to The Eplee Nest!  This first post is a brief overview of what’s to come and a little bit of background behind the blog and my family’s journey.

The Eplee Nest will have a lot of different topics.  Topics will include, but are not limited to: fertility, adoption, nutrition, health, parenting, breastfeeding, product recommendations, etc.


Let me start by telling you a little bit about our story.  My name is Nicole. I love to create (food, art, i dabble in a lot of different things), eat (i am a foodie), explore (hiking/traveling), thrift (love flea markets and thrift stores), read, and spend time with those I love. Almost five years ago I married my handsome husband, Dustin.  He is an inventor, an architectural engineer, athlete, and so much more.  Dustin and I got married in 2008.  When we got married, we ate the standard American diet (lots of processed foods).  We started trying to grow our family the end of 2009.  After a year and a half of heartbreaking disappointment every month, I made some very aggressive changes in an effort to reclaim my health and fertility.  I had already gone gluten free a few months before in effort to see if gluten was a migraine trigger for me.    I will go into more details in a future post about the changes I made.  I partnered with a great Naturopathic Doctor who also does acupuncture.  Between the aggressive lifestyle changes and acupuncture, Dustin and I were able to conceive six months later, two years after we started trying for baby number one.  Right before conceiving, I was at a place in my heart that had accepted we would have to adopt and might not ever have our own children.   However, God blessed us after this revelation with the news we were pregnant!


Continuing to be naturally minded, we had our little girl, Eby Grace on July 31st, 2012 at a Birthing Center without any pain meds (And she was even sunny side up!).  We are total believers in the Bradley Method!  I will do a post on our birthing story at a future date.


When we brought Eby home, we struggled through jaundice and breast feeding issues (more on this later).  Once we worked through each of those issues, we embarked on a roller coaster journey of having a baby with reflux.  I have learned a lot about reflux and what causes it in the last year. (Our daughter is now one!)  I will share more about how we dealt with it naturally in a future post.

I hope you find posts relevant and informative.  Share with those you know who are struggling with infertility, have babies with reflux, have issues with breast feeding, cloth diapering, etc.  it’s my hope to be an encourager to those who are struggling with these issues and an educator to those who may not have known about some of these topics.  I am in no way shape or form an expert or health professional, so in reading this blog you are understanding that this is one person’s view.

I also plan to share recipes I have developed due to dietary changes I had to make.

Thanks for reading!  Keep following!