Sun Bleaching


I refuse to use Clorox bleach.  It’s toxic stuff.

So what can you do when your diapers have stains, or anything for that matter?  Hang them in the sun and watch those stains fade after only a few hours.  Its magical.  Take care not to leave diapers out longer than necessary as the suns UV rays can break down the fibers.

The direct sun is best, but cloudy day’s work too. A stain will just take longer to fade on a cloudy day.

Tough stains may need a little help.  Spray lemon juice mixed with water and then place in the sun.

The sun also helps ammonia issues and to sanitize diapers!  And it’s FREE!

I’m sunning some of my stash right now in an effort to sanitize/bleach the stains, so i can sell some of the diapers we don’t use as often.  Happy Sun Bleaching!