Mushroom Soup (gaps friendly, dairy and gluten free)

I don’t have any beautiful photos to show off for this soup, besides my daughter inhaling it!


This soup developed after I made a batch of homemade chicken broth and had a hankering for mushroom soup (which I haven’t had in years!)

This soup was delicious!

Here’s the recipe:

1 liter of  (4 1/2 c) homemade chicken broth

(I’m heavy on salt for broth so I didn’t add any to the soup)

16 oz mini Bella mushrooms

2 smashed cloves of garlic


Cook on stove until mushrooms are done.  Blend and serve.



GAPS intro is harder then I anticipated.

From someone who was already grain free, starch free, and unrefined sugar free, GAPS intro is still hard!  Grant it I likely had a lot of bad bacteria and yeast issues from years of antibiotics, etc; so my body is responding to the diet. (The lack of sugars, starches, and carbs are allowing the bad bacteria and yeast to die off.)

I took a whole capsule of bio kult probiotic this morning two or so hours before waking up for the day.  This was too much or too far away from taking food because the next time I got up, I could barely stand.  I literally crawled to the kitchen and made myself some carrot juice for instant fuel, took some fermented cod liver oil, and heated up some broth with some eggs.  Slightly improved but still weak, I stayed in bed all morning while my husband and little girl went to church.  At some point I tried getting up again and still had issues, so I went to the kitchen to grab ghee and honey.  I mixed them up and my body really enjoyed it, to the point I may have eaten too much.  I think my blood sugar was low and when I went to get up it felt like my blood pressure was low.  So, after another hour or so in bed, I tried getting up again. This time I felt so much better.  I made myself some lunch ( had a chicken boiling in the crock pot) and introduced some sauerkraut .  I skipped some parts of previous stages due to how I was feeling and my body was craving something new.  Mmmm. The combo of chicken and kraut was delicious.  While I had the energy, I decided to make some nut butter for another day.  I had a smidgen just to taste it.

I underestimated how low energy and sick feeling I would feel at times.  These are all cues to back off a little bit or eat something your body needs at the time. The gut and brain are so connected that I’m even having issues coping with things and being emotionally on edge.

I may end up going through intro a little faster now, or I may be content in the remaining stages due to the added variety of eggs, nut butter, fermented foods, etc.  for the most part I am on stage three, minus the carrot juice from this morning.

Im thankful to have a husband who is helping out today by taking care of Eby.

Day Two/Day Three of Gaps Intro: Stage Two

I underestimated how difficult GAPS intro is.  I have so many cravings for something sweet or starchy.  The reason the intro stage is so hard is that the bad bacteria is dying off from lack of sugars, starches, and carbs feeding them.  This stage is so important, so the good bacteria have a chance to repopulate with the introduction of fermented foods juice and probiotics.  Skip over the stage too quickly and you won’t have the healing you desire.

I’m physically exhausted, thirsty, irritable, and tired of chicken broth already.  I don’t have much patience.


Yesterday, most of the food I ate were the leftovers from day one.  I did boil another chicken and make pulled chicken with carrot zucchini noodles for dinner.  I forgot to peel the zucchini, so that was GAPS intro illegal.

i have found that herbal gelatin really helps curb the cravings and hunger.  Here is the recipe I used:

You can use peppermint tea, chamomile, or ginger tea.  You can even add honey if you are finding you need something to help your blood sugar.

Basically the recipe is 1 1/3 c tea to 6 Tbsp gelatin.

I use Great Lakes grass fed pastured gelatin.

For the most part, I have been resting.  Last night I was abnormally tired, I wanted to crawl into bed at 7:30.

This morning I had meatballs for breakfast ( beef and chicken liver combined) that I made in the crockpot last night.  I made two pounds so I could freeze some for another day.  I also had a raw egg yolk in broth.

For lunch, Eby and I ate the leftover pulled chicken with some broth (with one raw egg yolk) and two spoonfuls of sauerkraut juice.

Right now I have beef broth going in one crockpot, and a roast boiling in the other.  We will probably have the roast with some carrots or carrot soup tonight.

I look forward to future stages, but I don’t want to rush through the stage just because Im tired of the food.  I want to do it right the first time so I don’t have to go on intro again.

Day One of GAPS Intro Diet

Yesterday seemed easy at first.  I took my probiotics, drank a cup of homemade chicken broth, then had some carrot soup ( boiled carrots in chicken broth and puréed).  I went off to conquer the day, taking my daughter to Storytime.

Prior to Storytime, I prepared some meatballs (just ground beef) and threw them in the crock pot with some broth.  This allowed them to boil while we were at Storytime.  We enjoyed them for lunch after we came back.


For dinner I threw some of our leftover boiled chicken from the previous night into a crockpot with broth, cut up carrots, and some Sghetti squash.  I boiled the squash before putting it in the crock pot.  It was my version of chicken ‘noodle’.

I was thankful that dinner was in the crockpot, because the second half of the day  was harder then Id thought it be.  I juice everyday, so this lack of nourishment was hard for me.  A day without eggs was no big deal, as it was a nice break.  However, the lack of fruit made me lethargic.  I drank a cup of tea with honey every time I craved something, and it helped.  I made ginger tea by grating fresh ginger and pouring  hot water over it.  I let it steep for 3 minutes, then added honey.

This morning I woke with a light headache, a likely die off symptom.  I’m not feeling as excited about GAPS Intro…the limited foods are hard; but the healing will be worth it.  I did move into second stage today (adding egg yolk) because I read on the GAPS website that moms who are breastfeeding should start in stage two or three.  It really hasn’t change much besides the added nutrients of a raw egg yolk.  I’m keeping Eby in first stage because my husband accidentally gave her applesauce yesterday.

We are taking Epsom salt baths to promote the detoxing and increase our magnesium.

I’m resting more today, allowing my body’s energy to focus on the healing. I backed off the probiotics for today and will reintroduce a small amount tomorrow.  It’s important to start slow and not have too intense of die off (detox) symptoms, especially with breastfeeding.



GAPS diet: What is it and why I Am doing it?

Dr. Natasha Cambell McBride saw a connection between lack of beneficial gut flora and disease.  We live in a world where antibiotics are overprescribed and in our water, so many of us have poor guts.  We aren’t absorbing the nutrients from our food, and we have lots of food sensitivities.  The GAPS diet is designed to heal the gut and get it back to a healthy state.  Probiotics are one element of the healing protocol, while diet is another.

This week I am embarking on the GAPS intro diet in hopes that we can heal both my daughters and my food sensitivities.  This diet has been suggested to me for the last year, and I am finally at a point where I am ready to do it.  My daughter is fourteen months, so over a year and eating solids.  I still breastfeed, but in my research it says intro should be fine for those still breastfeeding as long as the child is over a year.  Eby will be eating the GAPS diet as well since she clearly has inherited my gut issues from birth (reflux and food sensitivities).


Tomorrow is the first day of GAPS intro.  First stage foods are lots of homemade broth, carrots, zucchini, onions, leeks, boiled meat, and herbal teas like ginger, peppermint and chamomile.  I will start the day with broth and tea, then have some carrot soup, boiled chicken, and more broth.  It will be hard for me to not have eggs and fresh juice in the morning.  I’m hoping to move through intro fairly quickly, since I already eat a diet close to full GAPS.

Thankfully, I have a new friend who will be embarking on this journey with me, so we will have each other to lean on for recipes and support.

Here is one of the recommended probiotics for GAPS followers:

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Pistachio Flat Bread




Sadly the ginger snap cookies caused some trouble with Eby, so almond flour is out for us.  That’s okay because I like pistachios better.

Mornings are my most productive times.  This morning I whipped up this pistachio flat bread that we all love, even my picky grandma!  It’s a great snack for days like today when I know we will be away from home.

3/4 c pistachios

1/3 c applesauce

1 tsp baking soda

Pinch of salt

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 egg

Take 3/4 cup pistachios (already soaked and dehydrated) and put them in a food processor ( or coffee grinder or “super” blender).  Blend until you get your desired texture.  I chose to only blend for a short time which resulted in a bread with a multigrain texture.  If you prefer a smoother, less textured bread, process till the nuts are close to a nut butter.

Pour processed pistachios into bowl and add 1/3 c applesauce.  I use homemade, and unsweetened.  Combine.

Add a pinch of salt.  (I prefer real salt or Himalayan pink salt for added minerals).

Add a tsp of baking soda, a tsp of apple cider vinegar, one egg and mix well.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.  I put tallow on it as my nonstick oil of choice.

Pour batter onto greased parchment paper and even out with spoon.  I spread it into a circle or rectangle depending on my mood.

Put in oven at 350.  Bake till firm enough to flip without crumbling.

Variation on this: add a sweetener for a yummy sweet bread.  (This recipe is already mildly sweet, but if I’m craving more of a dessert like treat, I add rapadura when I mix the batter)