Remedies for Coughs

My daughter has had a cough for several weeks.  Thankfully, it’s almost gone now.  When it first started, I worried it could turn to pneumonia.  Right before Christmas she had a fever, was wheezing, and coughing up mucus; so I decided to take her to the doctor to make sure it hadn’t turned to pneumonia (they listen for crackle sounds).  Thankfully, it hadn’t.  I am pretty proactive with giving her natural remedies as soon as symptoms arise.


The most effective remedies I’ve used and have seen results:

Garlic Oil : crush garlic (use a garlic press if you have one) and put it in olive oil, let sit a few minutes and then rub oil on the soles of feet and or chest.  I do this three times a day when things are really bad.  Garlic is a great antiviral and antibiotic!  It helps reduce fevers and clears up ear infections!

Do Terra’s Breathe Blend/Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Put 4 drops in a bath or in an oil (jojoba, olive, coconut, etc-whatever your preference) and rub on chest or soles of feet.  I add a few drops to the humidifier too.

Slippery Elm Tea: I mix the powder with warm water or juice.

Elderberry Syrup

To prevent coughs from turning into pneumonia, create an environment with lots of humidity to loosen mucus (run shower while taking a bath) and do percussion tapping (basically tap back and chest).

*Again, I’m not a doctor; but these are things that have helped our family.  Only you can decide how to treat your family*


Ear Infections


Ever have an ear infection?  If you have, you know they are painful.

I never had an ear infection until this last year.  This year I’ve had two.  I’m thankful for the experience, so I know how to help Eby when and if she seems like she has one.

A trip to the doctor is not necessary.  All you need is a clove of garlic and olive oil and you can both prevent and treat ear infections!

Peel a garlic clove and crush it.  Place it in some olive oil in a closed container for 8-12 hours in a dark place.  After 8-12 hours, strain out the garlic and pour the garlic oil into a dark eye dropper bottle.

Any time you think you might have an ear infection or your child is acting like they have one, put one or two drops in each ear.  Repeat until symptoms subside.  You can warm the bottle of oil in a pot of hot water (make sure the oil isn’t hot when you put it in your ear.).   It’s harmless even if you don’t have an ear infection.

Hot water bottles help a lot too.

If your child gets recurring ear infections, dairy may be to blame.

Also, I’m not an advocate of the garlic oil you find in the store.  It has not worked for us.

Other things you can do: pull out and down on your ears very quickly three times on each ear.  This is something our chiropractor taught us.