Elderberry Syrup

While I was pregnant with Eby, I caught a virus that had a terrible cough with it.  It sounded as bad or similar to whooping cough (and I did have have the pertussis vaccine; but whether it  works or not is another topic).  The cough lasted for a long time, and everything I normally do to kick viruses out of my system failed to work.  So, I looked up natural remedies safe for whooping cough, and found elderberry syrup.  I went out and bought some.  It worked!  In no time, my cough was gone.  Amazing stuff!  It’s like liquid gold in my eyes.



Elderberry syrup is an antiviral, so taken everyday can prevent sickness.  When sick, you should take it every hour.


I made my first batch of homemade elderberry syrup today.  It’s quite easy, and cheaper than buying the stuff at the store.

The recipe:

1 cup dried elderberries

4 cups water

optional: ginger, cloves, cinnamon (add when the elderberries are simmering)

Bring to a boil and then simmer till the liquid is reduced by 50%.  Then filter out the berries, mushing them to get all the juice out. When the juice has cooled to slightly warmer than room temperature, add 1/2 cup- 1 cup Raw honey.  If you don’t have honey, you could use maple syrup.

Store in fridge.  You can can it if you make larger batches.

You can buy the berries here:


I plan to take a Tbsp of this a day to stay healthy.  If I come down with something, I will try to take it every hour till I feel better.


2 thoughts on “Elderberry Syrup

  1. awesome, I’m buying some. FYI, if you become a Frontier wholesale customer (one time fee of $10) you can get most of their products for half the price. You also get a capital gains check at the end of the year.

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